Most of his time Manni Mono is a sad man. You’re wondering why? Be ashured Manni Mono does the same. But no matter what he can always hold on to the two things he truly loves: Lofi-beats and Brokoli.


There are some things Manni Mono will never see. Like a unicorn or a third digit in the Bpm-value Screen of his sampler. But Manni M. copes this loss by looking at other beautiful things: Covers of old, sample packed Jazz records and piles of fresh Brokoli.


Manni Mono is incapable of releationships. The only one he somehow managed to establish is the one to his sampler. He tenderly calls him Ingo. Enjoy their lofi-downtempo lovechilds. And do it now! Cause the odds are that Manni Mono fails Ingo one way or the other and Ingo leaves him for a more light-mooded producer. 


Stevie Wonder once said: „Peolple keep on learning“ Manni Mono sees the big picture and says: „People keep on peopleing“. His downtempo lofi-beats are ment to be the soundtrack for this „peopleing“ thing. Whatever that might be.